In this age and time, money is the master key to everything. If you are a passionate traveler, you would know better than anyone else about the importance of cash. Traveling, like many fun things in life is not free of cost. It requires a hefty sum of money as well as effort and planning. This article will guide you as to how you can manage your cash flows to make an upcoming trip a success.

  1. Eat Cheap

Believe it or not, 3 meals a day are costing you quite a sum of money when looked at in aggregation. If you keep going for fancy restaurants and expensive dishes, you would be spending a whole lot of money that you could use on your trip otherwise.

  1. Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent flyer miles are a traveler’s best bet when it comes to saving money. You can buy frequent flyer airline miles online to raise cash but most importantly, you can redeem the miles in exchange for major discounts and rewards. So whichever way you go, you either save cash or make cash. Join a loyalty program now if you haven’t already!

  1. Stay Cheap

Accommodation takes up a huge chunk in your travel budget, especially when you are staying in a hotel. Go for Airbnb, crash at a friend’s couch or stay at a hostel to save a significant amount of cash. This saved money may mean you could stay at your destination longer than intended or do more activities.

  1. Forget shopping for a while

Put off incurring major expenses. Clothes and make up can wait. So can other items. Cope with the basics for as long as you can.

  1. Open a separate bank account

Having a separate account dedicated to funds for a holiday trip comes in handy. This way you won’t be using that account for day to day expenses before the trip. That money can be left alone. Keep putting some part of your salary to the account so that cash reserves build over time.

  1. Utilize credit card points

Credit card points have many benefits. Not only can they be converted to airline miles but in itself they have many perks too. A big plus is that they are tradeable on the web. Do what gives you most benefit.

  1. Take on extra work before or during the trip

A little extra effort and fatigue towards earning money a few months prior to the trip goes a long way. Other than your normal job, take up bartending or become a cashier at a store. Deposit the extra cash directly to your holiday fund maintained in that separate bank account. Alternatively, you could also work during your trip. Many travelers earn money through travel blogs, online content writing and teaching their language in a foreign country. Go for any of the options to boost your cash flows significantly.


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