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                                              Company Culture from the Couch
                                              January 06, 2021

                                              It has been five and a half years since I sat down for the interview for my current job.? And while on most good days, I’m lucky to remember what I had for breakfast, I distinctly remember the word “culture” coming up quite often during our discussion.? This is a word that I had truly...

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                                              Survey Says
                                              December 17, 2020

                                              I was watching TV with my Mother-In-Law the other night, and I found myself asking some questions aloud. We were watching Family Feud, and sometimes I am amazed by the answers on the board. I’m sure you’ve found yourself saying, “Who did they survey that thought that was the right answer?” Well, that is what...

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                                              Customer Service on Backorder
                                              December 02, 2020

                                              Recently, I ordered new kitchen appliances from a local appliance store and experienced some of the worst customer service. Ever. How it started: We ordered our appliances and set our delivery date.? We asked them twice to make sure these were not going to be on backorder.? The sales rep confirmed, “Nothing is on backorder...

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                                              Thanks for Nothing!
                                              November 25, 2020

                                              To all the marketers, salespeople, corporations, SPAMers, advertisers, and vendors who contacted me this week I say to you now:THANKS FOR NOTHING!Actually, I should say, “No thank you!” for clogging my inbox with junk mail, SPAM, worthless advertising, and phony thank-you letters. But what I really want to say is, “You failed!” All that you’ve accomplished is that you pissed us off,...

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