If someone with callused, bruised and blistering feet tells you he loves the outdoors; do not believe him. And do not take his advice on exploring the outdoors seriously. His calluses and blisters are not a testimony of his adventures, but an example of how negligent he is of the needs of his feet. Any true adventurer or explorer understands and recognizes that only healthy and well looked after feet can take you far on your explorations.

While the best way ahead is barefoot, shoes were created for a reason. They were created to protect your feet, especially outdoors. Is there a way you can mix the benefits of walking barefoot, with the protection of your feet? Of course there is! Shoes like Vibrams or New Balance Minimus or the Merrell Barefoot Shoes are designed to give you the ‘barefoot’ feeling.

These shoes are becoming a favorite with outdoor explorers because of their lightweight and thin soles. They ease the grip of your feet on difficult terrains and their lightweight minimizes the drag your feet feel in otherwise heavier shoes. They mould themselves to the shape of your feet, enabling a snug fit. Hikers claim that with shoes like Vibrams or the Merrell Barefoot Shoes they have been able to cover longer distances without any complaints related to their feet.

If you want to enjoy the sun and the wind in your face and if you feel the outdoors are calling out to you, make sure you have the right kind of shoes to enjoy your experience. Don’t let aching heels and blistered feet mar, what would have been an absolutely delightful exploration. Mistreat your feet and you can kiss your outdoor exploration goodbye.

Merrell Barefoot Shoes are available at The ShoeMart’s website.


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