Amazing People Make the Difference


                                              Avatar Sam Loshak Founder & President
                                              Avatar Mikhail Shakhnovich Executive Vice President
                                              Avatar Lawrence Loshak Vice President of Manufacturing
                                              Avatar Deanna Akhmadeyev Director of Finance
                                              Avatar Noah Rickun President of Sales and Distribution

                                              Manufacturing Management

                                              Avatar Bob Uszler Torque Converter Manager
                                              Avatar Ken Rosploch Maintenance Manager
                                              Avatar Patrick Bauman Production Manager
                                              Avatar Shane Commons Logistics Manager
                                              Avatar Todd Giese Machining Manager

                                              Customer Loyalty

                                              Avatar Taylor Abbott Salesforce Developer
                                              Avatar John Bailey Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Steve Bauer Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Louisa Castillo Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Maggie Ferkovich Director of Customer Loyalty
                                              Avatar Paul Fleming Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Jessica Flock Salesforce Developer
                                              Avatar Andee Fromm Marketing Manager
                                              Avatar Jonathon Gonzalez Salesforce Developer
                                              Avatar AJ Grulkowski Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Jake Jankowski Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Michael Kemmeter Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Yoselin Martinez Hospitality Coordinator
                                              Avatar Bridget McCormick Content Specialist
                                              Avatar Jeremy McDaniel Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Matt McGuire National Accounts Manager
                                              Avatar Andrew Megow Videographer
                                              Avatar Eric Petri Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Aaron Rindt Community Manager
                                              Avatar Ari Rosengarten Quality Analytics
                                              Avatar Mike Schmitz Product Support Technician
                                              Avatar Richard Schneidler Operational Analyst
                                              Avatar Chad Siebenaler Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Sarah Simko Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Ben Stern Director of Business Strategy
                                              Avatar Rani Streff Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Michelle Tespsa Customer Support Representative
                                              Avatar Tom Vierling Director of Product Strategy
                                              Avatar Jim Young Director of Systems
                                              Of all the resources needed to remanufacture a transmission, the most valuable, by far, are the people. People make ideas happen. People invent new ways, new processes and make them realities. People bring service and quality to the next level. People are our secret ingredient; people are ETE REMAN's added special touch... Amazing People.
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                                              Want a career with plenty of development opportunity? How about the ability to make an impact within a growing company? Or maybe you just want to work somewhere that treats you like more than just a number? Then you should consider a career at ETE REMAN, one of the largest and most diverse transmission remanufacturers in the nation. We’re on the lookout for good people who want to do good work building transmissions, maintaining facilities, or growing business. Think you’ve got what it takes to build the best damn transmissions on the market? We’d love to hear from you.
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                                              ETE REMAN is the 3rd largest transmission remanufacturer in the United States. This means our remanufactured transmissions are available at installations facilities throughout the entire country, and you might even have one under your own hood! Remarkable Customer Service - Everyday, the ETE REMAN team is focused on one mission: To deliver remarkable customer service unmatched by others. True Partnership - Sharing is one of the basic lessions we all were taught in grade school. This virtue is just as important today in our business. We treat our business relationships like partnerships by sharing both the joys and pains of business with our customers. Tremendous Quality - Quality begins, well, at the beginning. Research and Development engineers analyze all transmissions and then design replacement parts which often, improve upon the quality of the original component. Each part and each process is designed to create OE+ ™ quality transmissions. But, the true scientists at ETE Reman do not stop there; we keep looking at our creations, at our processes, to find ways to make transmissions even better. Not good, not great, Tremendous.