A Paradise Unheard Of: Wondrous Places in Asia That’s Worth Visiting For

Along with rich history and culture, Asia is also home to many gorgeous beaches, lakes, jungles, volcanoes, and mountains.

Some destinations in Asia have already made it onto the bucket list of several adventurers. On the other hand, some are overlooked and hidden out of the course.

If you’re up for an adventure, away from the crowd, the following destination should become a part of your journey before these underrated locations become popular and crowded.

The Stunning An Bang Beach of Vietnam

Seaside old town Hoi An in Central Vietnam which widely recognized for its fresh seafood and excellent beaches. Majority of tourist proceed to the shore of Cua Dai located at the end of the Cua Dai road, which is around four kilometers out of town.

Even though it is a beautiful spot, the beach can also be crowded and is likely to have surveillance from the authorities.

The An Bang beach located at the end of Hai Bai Trung street is an excellent option. It is a place for socializing or a hangout for local celebration makers where foreigners currently opened some beach cottage bars.

A bad storm season may affect the beach for some time, but the locals quickly restore the beach.

The Blessed Nature of Little Beans Island in Japan

Shodoshima, or known as the Little Beans Island, is Japan’s take on the sensibilities of Mediterranean.

It may be so hard to find foreign travelers who are familiar with the beautiful island, but it is popular among Japanese domestic travelers for its hot springs, wild monkeys and their blooming groves of olive.

The 817 meter of Mount Hoshigajo-san, which means “Mount Kingdom of Stars,” is genuinely a wonderful viewpoint for the breathtaking landscape of Shodoshima, involving the distinguished Kankakei and of course, the valleys of Choshi-key.

The abundant hot springs of the island provide comfort for your exhausted feet after an extended day of discovering the country.

The Serene Kapas Island in Malaysia

Famous among locals especially during national days, the island of Kapas is still out of the radar of many people outside of the Malaysian borders.

If you happen to be in Malaysia, there is a huge chance that you are the only visitor on the overlooked island, appreciating Malaysia’s excellent beaches in tranquility.

The laid back and easygoing nature of the region makes it perfect for relaxation and snorkeling. However, there are no souvenir shops in the place with a minimal option for the restaurant to dine in, making the island an area exclusive for travel by all senses.

The Undisturbed Island of Koh Kood in Thailand

The place of Koh Kood in Thailand is one of the very few locations that meet the standards of the paradise of the Asian region.

The Koh Kood only has a tiny population of around 2,000 people only and blessed with beautiful rainforest, fishing villages, coconut plantations, and fantastic snorkeling spots.

However, getting to Koh Kood needs around an hour of a plane ride starting from the airport of Bangkok Trat, or you can also reach the place through Deal Wiki, railways and boat journey from Bangkok.

The experience in Koh Kood is comparable to taking a step back in civilization because of minimal electricity, cars and the access to the internet. The accommodation on Koh Kood varies from enthusiastically expensive resorts to simple local homestays.

The Unorthodox Haedong Yonggung Temple In South Korea

The Haedong Yonggung Temple of Busan resides next to a cliff which makes it a deviation from the other traditional temples in Korea which are facing the mountain.

The temple of Haedong Yonggung founded by the great monk Naong is the southernmost part temple nearby sea.

A large number people come to the temple to honor the Great Buddha Goddess of Mercy who appeared from the sea on the back of a dragon clad wearing a white robe, as the legend says.

However, the temple of Haedong Yonggung was devastated and destroyed by fire during the time of Japanese takeover. The reconstruction of the temple made it back to its current shape in years around 1930.

The Fierceful San Joaquin Church in the Philippines

In a province packed with Spanish monuments, you would hardly realize that a tiny church tucked away in a quiet town would create excitement.

It is just the other way around. The San Joaquin Church in the province of Iloilo is an eye-opener. Instead of seeing limestone rocks and Holy statues, the church portrays a brutal battle scene with men carrying rifles and men shoved by horses.

The San Joaquin Church is the only church in the Philippines with a military-like theme. The location of the church is near the town of Iloilo near the sea which has one of the most beautiful sea coasts in the region of Visayas.

Getting to the church would need a flight from Manila which is around an hour, and you can access most of the destinations of the city through riding a Jeepney which is a part of the culture of the Filipinos.


The beautiful parts of Asia are undoubtedly rich in cultures and stunning beaches. Also, the Asian region has thousands of gorgeous islands and overlooked locations which are yet unknown and heard.

But the most beautiful thing about visiting the Asian region is still the presence of the welcoming people that will surely make your travel like home.


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